Interpreting Techniques

Simultaneous interpreting

Transfer into the other language takes place almost at the same time as the lecture (simultaneously). This type of interpreting requires technical equipment: microphones for the speakers and booths for the interpreters. The interpreters usually work in teams of two. Otherwise, the concentration required for this type of activity could not be maintained for an entire day.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter takes notes and interprets when the speaker pauses. Ideally, the breaks are placed after paragraphs and not after every sentence, as otherwise the flow of speech would be interrupted completely. The interpreter uses a special note-taking technique (not shorthand).

Tour guide systems

are suitable for plant tours or training at the machine, and interactive workshops. This is basically simultaneous interpreting under severe conditions due to the underlying babble of voices and ambient noises.

Whispered interpreting / Chuchotage

is simultaneous interpreting without any technology. The interpreter sits next to his listener and whispers into his ear. This is suitable for a short time only and for a very limited group of listeners (one person, maximum two).

Application areas

Conference simultaneous
Convention simultaneous
Television broadcast simultaneous
Training (in the auditorium) simultaneous
Training (in the workshop) simultaneous with tour guide system /
2 interpreters
Town twinning simultaneous oder consecutive
Contract negotiation consecutive / chuchotage
Court interpreting consecutive / chuchotage
Dinner speech consecutive